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Talk to the world in English, always feeling free to make mistakes!
Dive into a social life always with English, with just one App!
[Phone]With avatar friends from all over the world,
[Phone]Enjoy your virtual life always with English.
[Phone]Practical English without showing your face
Learn to communicate in English, not just textbook English.
With fondi, you can talk in English via voice call with avatar friends from over 100 countries around the world. You can hide your face to feel no shame! Talk in English A LOT while making a lot of mistakes!
Practical English with Avatar
Virtual share life with friends
Play games and Watch TV
Dress up and View data
Introduction to fondi world
Connected with users around the world!
Live in a virtual shared house with friends!
Record daily conversations to improve your English!
Immerse yourself in English with 3 areas!
Visit Plaza with one tap, Expand your circle of friends abroad!
Your world-wide avatar friends are waiting for you 24/7!
Talk with the world with no time!
fondi AI to help you speak English!
Virtual share life with your friends!
Watch TV together and play word games. You roomies will be your besties.
Watch TV all together!
Play simple games!
Feel yourself connected with the world and English.
You can enjoy and continue learning Englsih while feeling your output and your world expand!
View data of your conversations!
Check words you use!
User's Voices
Success Stories for you.
It was a very fresh experience, as if I met a foreigner on the street. Studying abroad or going to school is expensive,and I'm grateful that I can easily practice real-life conversations with just one app.
I felt way less pressure to speak English in a virtual world using avatar than in a real world. Easiest way to intereact with international friends!
This experience is like I can study abroad virtually! Lucky those who cannot afford to actully study abroad.
For the price of a lunch, be connected with the world as much as you want. Talk in English as much as you want.
For anyone who wants to speak English as long as you can. Connect with your avatar friends from all over the globe RIGHT NOW!
Free for 15 minutes every day!
Free trial for the first 7 days of unlimited plan.
after free trial $18.99 per month 
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